CBG Seeds

Cannabigerol, CBG, is a cannabinoid that is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive, just like cannabidiol, CBD. Many people in the hemp industry refer to CBG as the mother of all cannabinoids due to its highly therapeutic healing abilities that are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Due to these qualities, CBG is gaining popularity. Most recently, it has even shown some potential against fighting cancer. We can assure you that CBG will blow up on the market, so we recommend buying your CBG seeds today from our team here at Sunkissed Seed.

Our CBG seeds have been highly rated and regarded as some of the best products available on the market. Our seeds are feminized and have made us the go-to’s for many farmers and partners alike. We supply top-shelf producing seeds that have great success in producing dense buds. The structure of the easy-to-grow plants that our seeds produce has tight buds that make trimming them a breeze.

Choosing Your CBG Seeds

Previously, the only way to extract CBG from the industrial hemp plant was in small amounts. While the CBG variety of hemp is still gaining popularity and knowledge, many new types of this seed are springing up. Here are a few essential points can help when choosing which CBG seed is right for your company or farm:

-Be sure to select a CBG seed that has no psychoactive elements. (Good news, none of ours do!)

-Make sure that the CBG hemp seed you are looking to purchase produces a lot of CBG flowers. (All of our CBG seeds are easy-to-grow and mass producers.)

-Keep in mind that you want to choose a CBG seed variety that has high hemp biomass. (Biomass is the remaining organic materials left after the flowers and seeds have been harvested.)

-Consider where your seeds are coming from geographically. We think that knowing your CBG seeds’ history is an essential factor in the growing process. (Luckily, we give the location and back story on all of our bulk CBG seeds.)

Bulk Mighty Big White Gigante CBG Seeds

Here at Sunkissed Seed, we offer our Bulk Mighty Big White Gigante CBD seeds, also known as MBG. Our CBG seeds are full of trichome crystals that boast a delightful fruity citrus smell. Our White Gigante hits roughly 19-20% CBG and always has low, legal amounts of THC.

We have these seeds readily available for purchase in either small or large quantities. We have refined this combination of MGB genetics derived from Oregon, blended, and developed with our Spanish breeding partner in Malaga, Spain.

Bulk Earthquake CBD-CBG Hybrid Seeds

Sunkissed seed is bringing the best of both worlds to consumers with our Earthquake hybrid CBD-CBG seed. Surviving over 150 small earthquakes in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, this plant is a force to be reckoned with. Due to its vast buds, this plant produces “Budzilla” two-foot colas typical with this strain. This strain is also mold and pest resistant.

Our CBD-CBG hybrid seeds help bring the best of both options to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. It has a 15% combination of CBG and CBD, which makes these seeds highly sought after. This strain will release within the next few months. Be sure that you put this massive producer in your seed line-up! Get your seeds from Sunkissed Seed today.

The Advantages of Choosing CBG Seeds

The plants that grow from our CBG seeds have a tap-root, which means that they have straight tapering roots that grown down vertically, forming the center. This type of root is excellent for pulling nutrients, as they penetrate deep into the soil allowing for more access to them. Another advantage of these seeds is that they are always free of pests, diseases, and viruses while allowing them to stay stored for long periods.

Grow with Sunkissed Seed

Our team at Sunkissed Seed has combined forces with many farmers and companies to produce high potency CBD and CBG hemp seeds and products with low THC amounts. All of our seeds come with a certified feminization genetics test that individuals can verify from 3rd party testers. We can also provide any necessary documentation upon your request. If you’re looking for the best CBG and CBD seeds, look no further than Sunkissed Seed. For any inquiries, please send us an email at [email protected]