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Proudly providing hemp seed in North America, South America,
Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia

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World Class CBD & CBG Genetics Strains


At Sunkissed Seed, we provide top shelf CBD and CBG hemp genetics. With over 30 years of breeding experience, our team has the honor of being listed in High Times Breeder Hall of Fame and the winner of the Top 10 Strains in 2014 & 2015.


Global Seed Supplier

We have operations around the world growing CBD and CBG hemp seeds.

  • Oregon
  • Southern California
  • Colorado
  • Puerto Rico
  • Malaga, Spain

Our top of the line genetics are now being offered in
"Farmer Packs" and direct seed sales.

Some of our World Class CBD & CBG hemp strains available include:

  • Super Sweet Grass
  • Cherry Wife
  • CBD & CBG Highbred Earthquake
  • MBG & CBG White Gigante
  • Super Sweet Grass

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Have a question? Send us an email at or give us a call at 970-749-5598 for the world’s best CBD and CBG hemp seeds.

Grow the Best CBD & CBG Seeds

We have combined forces with numerous farmers and companies to produce high-potency CBD and CBG hemp seeds and products with low THC.

All of our seeds come with certified feminization and genetics tests from third-party testing labs that can always be verified.

Our documentation is available upon request.


For a limited time, we have Farmer Packs of 5,000 CBD and CBG hemp seeds available!

Interested in seeds for your farm? Give us a call for pricing at (970)749-5598.

We want to help farmers get planting this season, so we’re offering one of the best deals on the market. Our Farmer Packs are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can. Each of the orders will be processed in the order we receive them in, so the product will move!

    CBD & CBG Hemp Seeds: Farmer Packs Available Now

    Sunkissed Seed Is South America's Leading Seed

    Sunkissed Seed Is South America's Leading Seed

    Sunkissed Seed sells and produces state and federal compliant seed. We work around the clock with state and federal officials to ensure full compliance of our high-quality…

    Liz February 10, 2021


    Denver, Colorado, United States

    Bogota, Colombia

    Sao Paolo, Brazil, South America

    Sydney, Australia

    Barcelona, Spain

    San Juan, Puerto Rico